Federico Fellini Platinum Award for Cinematic Excellence to Roberto Herlitzka

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The Federico Fellini Platinum Award for Cinematic Excellence is conferred to one of the greatest Italian actors, Roberto Herlitzka.

His talent is a distinguished feature of always elegant performances, different and unpredictable but – at the same time – intense and linked to his actually being an author, working for great film directors who have highlighted his distinctive and extraordinary features.

Marco Bellocchio, Paolo Sorrentino, Giuliano Montaldo, Salvatore Piscicelli, Franco Zeffirelli, Luigi Magni, Nikita Mikhalkov, Francesco Maselli and the De Serio brothers, whose Seven Acts of Mercy was screened before the crowded Master Class of Herlitzka: they are all authors who benefited from the different qualities of this remarkable actor. As a confirmation of his far-sightedness, he also played lighter roles in tv series as Boris, as well as in films by Giuseppe Piccioni, Paolo Virzì and Luca Miniero.

Herlitzka’s great irony, and his ability to not take himself too seriously, are a precious contribution to his characters and to all of us, a true existential advice.

An important gift, for which we thank this great artist and immense actor: Roberto Herlitzka.