Federico Fellini Award to Paola Cortellesi

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The Federico Fellini Award is conferred to an actress with extraordinary qualities. Her interesting and successful career is based on commitment, talent and determination.

An actress who, after working her way up in off theatres in Rome, became popular with the large film and tv audience with her strength and cleverness, avoiding easy compromises and – most of all – achieving with patience and self-irony a series of important results, artistically and commercially.

Her hard work, never predictable, was pursued with carefully curated scripts which gave great artistic nuances to her characters, who almost always became unforgettable thanks to her charm and her brightness. A precious alchemy, also due to the collaboration of her film director and husband Riccardo Milani, resulting in a performing fullness which would have surely professionally intrigued and amused Federico Fellini.

For these reasons, but also as a living proof that the greatness of an actress is often born from a combination of hard work and talent, we confer the Fellini Award to Paola Cortellesi.