Sons of Denmark

By in

by Ulaa Salim with Mohammed Ismail Mohammed, Zaki Youssef, Rasmus Bjerg. Denmark 2019, 117’. v.o. dan.-arabian engl. and it. sub.

Production Hyæne Film
Screenplay Ulaa Salim
Music Turkman Souljah
Editing Jenna Mangulad
Cinematography Eddie Klint
Costume Design Juan Bastias

One year after a major bomb attack in Copenhagen radicalisation around the country has intensified and ethnic tensions are running high. The two men cannot agree with the current state of the country, which is turning on its own citizens because of their migration background, and decide to act.

29/04 at 6.30 pm Teatro Petruzzelli
30/04 at 10.15 pm Galleria 2
€ 3,00