Sealed Lips (Und der Zukunft zugewandt)

By in

by Bernd Böhlich with Nicolai Borger, Dmitry Brauer, Karoline Eichhorn. Gemany 2018, 104’, v.o. engl. and it sub.

Production MAFILM Martens Film
Screenplay Bernd Böhlich
Music Sebastian Schmidt
Cinematography Thomas Plenert

Antonia Berger, a young German and enthusiastic Communist, goes to the Soviet Union in the 1930s. Whilst there, she is accused of spying and sent to Vorkuta’s labor camp. After being released from the gulag in 1952, she manages to return home to the new socialist East German state with her daughter Lydia. Antonia is forced by her party comrades to keep her terrible experiences secret for the common good. It is only after Stalin’s death that she speaks out about her time in the Soviet Union. But her newly regained freedom is taken away from her again when her lover, a committed Communist, informs the authorities. Antonia has to make a choice – between truth or the present.

03/05 at 4 pm Teatro Petruzzelli
04/05 at 11.30 Galleria 2
€ 3,00