Napoli che canta

By in

by Roberto Leone Roberti with Rodolfo De Angelis, Adolfo Della Monica, Tecla Scarano. Italy 1926, 33’.

A beautiful 1926 silent film set in a Naples full of music, both charming and lively. This is the story of a painting that mysteriously disappears, probably because it did not seem to praise the power of the fascist regime. On the contrary, the artwork depicted, along with wonderful images of the city and representations of the daily life of the time, the misery of those who were forced to migrate to find a better life. After decades of oblivion, the film was found by a mysterious woman, who was a relative of the director and had kept a copy in the United States. Restored in 2000 by Paolo Cerchi Usai for the George Eastman Museum of Rochester, NY, one of America’s main film libraries, the film will be screened live, accompanied by Lina Sastri’s extraordinary voice.

27/04 at 8.30 pm Teatro Petruzzelli
€ 30,00- € 15,00