Bif&st 2020

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Starting from 2020, for the first time, Bif&st will be hosted in three beautiful theatres in Bari, each at a short distance: Teatro Petruzzelli and the newly restored Teatro Niccolò Piccinni and Teatro Margherita, besides the screens of Multicinema Galleria. A fourth theatre, the Kursaal, will be restored soon.


Teatro Petruzzelli will host the International Premières, with eight films selected by the artistic director among the most recent world productions, absolute Italian premières, and the International Panorama competition, featuring twelve films from all over the world, Italian or world premières, with a jury – headed by a renowned film director – which will confer these three awards: Bif&st International Award for the best director, Bif&st International Award for the best leading actress, Bif&st International Award for the best leading actor.


The Petruzzelli will also host the always crowded Cinema Lessons, daily at 11 am, right after the screening of one of their films at 9 am, held by eight prestigious cinema personalities, who will also receive – in a gala evening – the Federico Fellini Platinum Award for Cinematic Excellence, a platinum reproduction of Fellini’s profile designed by Ettore Scola.



In the section History, Memory, Bif&st 2020 will present a large retrospective with over 30 films directed by Mario Monicelli, together with a photo exhibition dedicated to the great film director who passed away ten years ago. The event is organized with the fundamental collaboration of the Cineteca Nazionale of Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, which has been cooperating with Bif&st since a decade. Teatro Margherita will also host a series of daily Meetings dedicated to Mario Monicelli, coordinated by Jean Gili.