Sympathizers- A german Autumn (Sympathisanten: Unser Deutscher Herbst)

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di Felix Moeller con Margarethe von Trotta,Volker Schlöndorff, Peter Schneider. Germania 2018, 101’, v.o. ted. sott. ingl. e it.

Produzione Blueprint Film Production
Felix Moeller
Musiche Jörg Lemberg
Montaggio Gisela Zick
Fotografia Börres Weiffenbach

West Germany in the 1970s. As the alleged spiritual allies of terrorists, artists, leftwing liberal intellectuals, professors, journalists and members of the clergy found themselves caught in the crosshairs of the police, press and political class. They were branded as “sympathizers.” The prominent figures among them became the ultimate bêtes noires. For newspapers like Bild and Welt, these individuals were “terrorism’s army of reservists,” “spiritual accomplices” and the purported “eulogists of terror” – co-responsible for the bombs, murders and violence. Was there any truth to these allegations?

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